Sample Letter

Dear [ Elected Official ]:

I am joining thousands of concerned citizens across our state in urging you to support [ legislation ] to stop child predators now.

Day after day, the news media reports another tragic story of a young child's abduction, abuse, and murder. Each grisly discovery of unspeakable acts committed against the most vulnerable among us fills us with outrage and disbelief. It is time for us to translate that outrage into necessary action.

These heinous crimes deserve the highest priority on your agenda. By supporting [ legislation ] with your vote, you can help save more children from becoming victims.

[ Elected Official Name ], I want you to know that I support real change in the way [ state ] deals with child predators. I believe you do, too. For too long, I have watched other issues supplant this priority matter on the legislative agenda in (state capitol). It is time for the legislature to get serious about protecting our children - we must ensure tougher penalties for those found guilty of committing sexual offenses against children, participate in an integrated and accurate nationwide sex offender registry so that citizens can keep track of convicted child predators, and take a real stand for the rights of crime victims. There is no more important or urgent issue.

I urge you to vote for this important bill and stop child predators before they harm any more of [ state's ] children.


[ Name ]